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Finally, the new single 'Everything Changes' is OUT NOW!

Sometimes you write a song, only to realize years later what it really means to you...
Thanks for watching - may this song lift up your spirits, when you need it the most.

More to come! We hope to see you live again, very soon! - BTTR

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2022 Live dates and past gigs

August 19 @ Aiserbühne, A-4311 Schwertberg

June 24 @ Stadtfest Wels, A-4600 Wels

June 11 @ Kufstein Unlimited, A-6330 Kufstein

August 20 @ Schwertberg jammed! - Aiserbühne, A-4311 Schwertberg

June 26 @ Museum Arbeitswelt Culturcontainer - OÖ Landesausstellung, Wehrgrabengasse 9, A-4400 Steyr

June 26 @ Ins Neutor - OÖ Landesausstellung, Grünmarkt 27, A-4400 Steyr

June 25 @ Popup-Bar - OÖ Landesausstellung, Dukartstr., A-4400 Steyr

June 25 @ Schlosspark/Orangerie - OÖ Landesausstellung, A-4400 Steyr

November 8 @ STWST Stadtwerkstatt, 4040 Linz w/ Summer Road & Hate67

August 9 @ Live im Park, SALZBEACH - 5020 Salzburg

More dates coming soon (& on short notice ;-)!
For past gigs visit

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The first single 'Everything Changes' off our next album is OUT NOW!

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